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All modern parents try as early as possible to start developing activities for their kids, thereby satisfying the child’s great cognitive need. And it is right. The cognitive activity of the child knows no bounds. He still has to learn literally “everything” about the world around him. Therefore, do not limit his thirst for knowledge, if the child makes harmless to himself and others the actions.
How to raise a healthy child without psychological clues written a lot of good modern literature. All experts agree that it is best for the baby to develop in the environment of peers, each of which is at its development stage. The child will be drawn to more developed children. Thus, the child naturally gets a strong motivation, which pushes his intellectual development forward with seven-league steps. Of course, there should be a competent specialist-teacher next to him, who will direct this cognitive activity of your baby in the right direction. Except for the strengthened intellectual development the child receives communication skills and learns to feel freely in any environment.
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